Address Hotel Restaurant


Via Boscomantico 10

37139 Verona






Motorway exit is Verona Nord on the Modena – Brenner motorway. This is 235 Km from the border with Austria .
From the motorway exit to the Track there  is approx 10 km .
The address is Via Boscomantico , Verona .

To be precise you need to have a look at the map that we have under the heading “dove siamo ” ( where we are ) on this website.
Be careful, some navigation systems will take you to the wrong side of the Airport .
There are 2 “ Via Boscomantico”  Verona .

The correct “Via Boscomantico” intersects with with “Via Giacomo Barucchi” and from this intersection point a dirt road will lead you to to the correct gate of the airport .

They both lead to the Boscomantico Airport , but only one will take you to our track.

You should be able to force your sat nav to recognize the right one by chosing number 10 or 20 in via Boscomantico – you should check the satellite coordinates provided above, before you travel, on Google Earth – as a confirmation that you are on the  right “Via Boscomantico ” , you need to pass a hydro electric power station on the left hand side .

Directions to the Track  :

On exhiting the motorway at Verona Nord , turn left immediately after the main roundabout , following the signs for “Peschiera – Brescia , Pesacantina “.

Stay on this dual carriage road for 1.5 km – stay on the right lane and go out on the first exit “Verona Borgo Trento “- stay on the right the exit is immediately after the bend .

You are now on the main road SS11 . Stay on this road for 3.7 km , at the third traffic lights turn left , as a reference you will see a Hotel on the corner.

You are now in “Via Bionde” , you will pass Migross Supermarket on your right ; at this traffic lights you need to straight , now follow the narrow road for 1.3 km up the a point when you come to a stop sign slightly downhill – go left and immediately right ( follow “Ceradini ” signs ) .

You are now in Via Boscomantico and you need to drive 2.5 km on this road , on the left hand side you will se a power station and immediately after turn righ ( follow Ceradini indications here as well )  . You are now on a long and narrow straight that runs along side the railway .

Shortly the road will become a dirt road – you need to follow this dirt road to the very end until you get to a gate . This is the gate of the airport – there is a combination padlock – please get in touch with a member of staff , to find out this combination that opens the gate , before you travel.
The race track is inside an active airport , so some important aviation rules apply .
The gate that you will find , is the gate of the airport , not the gate of the track! , So you will find it closed  and MUST leave it closed after you entered , you are resonsable for this.

This area is under surveillance with CC TV cameras.

When inside the airport , just follow the guided route and drive slowly .
Once you are inside the race track area,  you are not allowed to walk outside the track perimeter.
If this happens, it can be sanctioned  with a minimum fine of over 2000 Euro by the airport authority , so be warned !

Thanks for your co-operation.

Welcome to the track !!!





We suggest 3 accomodation  , they all  are good and close to the track , the prices are similar for all 3 of them .

50-60 eur  for a single , 70-80 eur for a double. They are clean and nice with secure parking.

1 – For the Montresor Hotel you can get an important discount if when you book your room you mention “ Aeroclub Verona “ . Very important for your wallet !
Montresor Hotel Palace
Tel: +39 045 575700
Fax: +39 045 576667
5 km away,  from the track 5 minutes




2 – For the second one , ( it is more a Bed and Breakfast ) , very nice , very small , you need to book in advance , you just need to mention Radio controlled Cars in Boscomantico Airport …. And he will know and apply the discount .


Agriturismo dal Checco
Tel/ Fax: 045 8511344
Cell: 347 3906226

This is the closest hotel to the track , 2.5 km approx.




3 – La grotta Hotel is very nice as well . It is on the main SS11 road and you drove past it when coming to the track on the main road with big trees all along . It is on the left hand side when coming to the track .

La Grotta Hotel
+39 0458905702
Strada Bresciana 16
Verona  37139

Restaurants for the evening :
In no particular order :
Trattoria alla sorte
Via Giacomo Barucchi 73
Tel/Fax +39 045 8102456
2 km from the track , very nice typical local cousine

Trattoria Biondani
San Vito di Bussolengo (Verona)
Mobile: 347 3503372
5 km from the track
These 2 are closed to track .

If you are staying at the Montresor Hotel you can travel back the short distance to the track and go to one of the above , or go to nearby places that the reception of the hotel will advice . There are restaurant that are walking distance and other by car 3 minutes .
My advice is to get the car and go to Piazza San Zeno ( 3 minutes from the hotel by car or 10 walking ) …… and go to “ai Piloti” .
For any other info you may write a mail or ,trackside  ask a member of staff .



Camper vans are allowed , please arrange with a member of staff for further details – one toilet and shower with hot water is available .

Camper vans are usually parked just outside the gate of the track , inside the airport .

Per info scrivi a